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Name:Differential pressure controller
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 Differential Pressure Controller

The working principle of the differential pressure controller is that the measured pressure directly acts on the diaphragm of the sensor to make the diaphragm produce a micro-displacement proportional to the wind pressure.

So that the sensor capacitance changes, and the electronic circuit to detect this change, and convert the output of a corresponding standard pressure measurement signal.

Applications: SW-MC differential pressure sensors involved in clean technology, fire ventilation, test and measurement industry applications, it has become an indispensable core device for such products.

Starwin use the high-quality sensors, precision amplification lines, strict production technology, improve the test and aging test equipment to ensure that the production of sensors with excellent product quality. Pressure sensor according to different occasions generally can be divided into:

anterior chamber pressure sensor, gas pressure sensor, pressure sensor, indoor and outdoor pressure sensor, pressure sensor, filter pressure sensor.

Technical Parameters

Range: 0Pa ~ 1500Pa(multiple specifications optional)

Pressure: three times the range of values (usually refers to the single-ended maximum pressure)

Rated input voltage: 5-24V DC/220V AC

Output: Analog output:05VDC010VDCthreelines, switch output (twolines)Ordigital

Measurement accuracy: ± 1%

Load resistance: current output type: maximum 800Ω;Voltage output type: more than 50KΩ

Operating temperature: -20 ~ 85 

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